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"harmlessly self-centered"

24 December 1987
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Name is Claudia (23). I love this type of thing. I'm friendly to everyone! ♥ :)
MANGA: Kodocha, Fake, Little Butterfly, Eerie Queerie, Almost Crying, The Art of Loving, Bus Stop.</b>SHOWS:America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance?J-DORAMA:Straberry on the Shortcake, Gambate Ikimassho, Batery, Stand Up!!, Tokyo Friends, Last Friends, Orange Days, Dance Drill, many more... ANIME:DNAgnel, Onegai Twins, Peach Girl, X, Pretear, Tokyo Baylon, Metropolis, Wind Named Amnesia, Steam Boy. MOVIES: Honey and Clover, Hana and Alice, Kamikaze Girls, Moon Child, Blue Spring, 9 Souls, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, Gohatto. Suicide Club, Nobody Knows, Marathon. MUSIC:Kanjani8, NewS, Arashi, V6, Miyavi, KAT-TUN, Super Junior, TVXQ
Sexy Boy
This is a list of men i can't help loving. Ryo Nishikido since the beginning♥, Maruyama Ryuhei because you're the one i know less about, Lee Donghae because your teeth is what made you stand out to me, Hangeng because i need to really pay attention to hear you, Heechul because you're everything i wish i could be, and KyuHyun because i know he doesn't give a damn.
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JYOUMI is whiny but sweet love.

KENYAKO is unexpected but inevitable love.

MIMATO is snarky but pretty love.

KOUMI is dorky but genuine love.

TAITO is competitive but caring love.


No, you can't find a cooler guy
than Okada Junichi is.
He's all mine !

Nishikido Ryo is my king

Okada Junichi let's me blow his pop

TOP-Choi Seunghyun
If you were a song I'd put you on
R E P E A T !